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Natal Rec. is an Austrian record label for electronic music. The music on this webpage represents the digital backstock – all tracks are provided for download free of charge (MP3/M4A packed in rar-archives), unless stated otherwise. If you go for high quality audio please consider ordering physical CDRs, which are available for many of the listed releases. CDRs are being delivered in handcrafted b/w covers inside of 12×12 cm plastic bags. For further information head over to the contact page. Download at your own risc!

If you are not interested in downloading music just watch a video instead, browse through the gallery or join the awesome mailing list.


park Firn


Early nineties – member of Schlauch (Industrial Collective)
1993 bass player of Shunt (Alternative Rock)
1996 rehearsing with parts of Schlauch, later on called Dogboy / Spring And The Land
1998 Firn (first Electronic solo project)
2001 foundation of Natal Rec.
2011 relaunch of Firn, recording new tracks
2014 Comb:nat (Electronic side project)
2016 Hillside Music (second Electronic side project)

CD releases with Schlauch, Dogboy and Firn / record productions on Natal Rec.
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